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Grocery Store Digital Signage

Supermarket Digital Signage

Grocery Store Signage Advertising Kiosks

The first retail establishments to recognize the benefits of digital signage were grocery stores. In the UK and Norway thousands of screens have been deployed. The obvious benefit of supermarket digital signage advertising is the ability to focus brand promotions on the customer in the store while they are shopping.

Shopping Centre Digital Signage Kiosks

Grocery Store, Supermarket, and Shopping Centre Digital Signage enables store owners to install channels of digital signage advertising displays that deliver specific departmental advertising focused on the customer at the critical last mile of the buying decision, the point-of-purchase. Supermarket and shopping centre kiosk advertising channels are controlled from a central location either at the store or at the corporate headquarters or via Managed Services.

Ad content reflects the changes necessary to meet the demands of weekly, daily or even hourly sales campaigns to focus brand MESSAGES to the RIGHT customer at the RIGHT time in the RIGHT location.

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Shopping Mall Digital Advertising kiosks
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