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Business Opportunity Program
Frequently Asked Questions

May I visit the Corporate offices?

Absolutely! We encourage it. The time is well spent for prospective partners to meet with us and discuss our solutions in detail. Please contact us for more information

What kind of business background do I need?

We can work with owners that come from all walks of life. If you work well with people, and are passionate about building a business that is both financially rewarding and provides time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, LCDsignage.co.uk's Partner Program could be for you.

Do I have to know how to create digital ads?

No. The key to success in your digital signage business is to properly manage your business – not get a degree in graphic arts. We'll show you how to prospect for new clients and how to keep those client’s happy. We will show you how to hire and motivate other sales staff.

What special technical or computer expertise do I need to possess?

Only basic computer knowledge and have access to the internet. We provide a turnkey system including all back office operations.

How do you help me get started?
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We offer a training program that will provide you the information and tools you need to get your business started. We take you step-by-step through the process.  

What ongoing support can I expect?

LCDsignage.co.uk provides a broad range of support tools and services to help you make the most of your business. Those services include: telephone support, an intranet communications system to help you and your team stay connected, sample sales tools, sample sales contracts, sample pricing structure.

How can I learn more about working with LCDsignage.co.uk?

Fill out and submit the confidential application available calling our office.

Please contact us for more information
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