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Why LCDsignage?

Increase your Visibility with Captive Audience Advertising

Deliver your message 24 hours a day / 7 days a week on our LCDsignage digital captive audience advertising networks.

Our digital narrowcasting program can include any of the following in adddition to just a screen playing content (if required):

  • Full Motion Digital Ad
  • Full Colour Take-A-Way Brochure/Incentive
  • Timely Brochure Replenishment
  • Multiple Screens in Appropriate Locations
  • Audio
  • Website Link
What Is Digital Signage Narrowcasting?

Narrowcast advertising is targeted messaging distributed to specific venues. Digital Promotions provides precise, timely, relevant targeted content to our intended captive audience networks. We deliver digital narrowcasting, weather updates, and news.


If you need signage for an event, we can supply a signage solution on a rental basis, without you having to purchase the equipment. Digital Promotions system is the only system of its kind that combines captive audience advertising with traditional print literature in one neatly organized location.

The Power of the Digital Promotions Captive Audience Networks

Strategic Narrowcast Advertising Offers Control and Flexibility - Strategic Digital Signage captures the attention of customers.

Advantages of Digital Signage - The ability to deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations. Digital Signage is the only form of advertising that allows the advertising message to be changed instantly. Join and make money by turning your Digital Signage Network into a profit centre by selling advertising time.

Wide Open Market – Advertisers are looking for better ways of delivering their messages. Business Owners are searching for new revenue streams.

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